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Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia

What is the FIAAA? Learn more about what we do

What do you know about the FIAAA?

The Feed ingredients and additives industry is a vital component of Australian agriculture.

The Sector provides products that are key to the productivity, sustainability and security of the nation’s feed and food supply.

Read more about our products and the Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia.

Who needs FIAAA Membership?

Removing the red tape: Many Feed Ingredients & Additives no longer need to be APVMA registered.

This has reduced the regulatory burden and allowed the more cost effective approach of certifying to the FIAAA Code of Practice.

The products MUST comply with APVMA requirements and FIAAA membership is the first step.

Sustainability in a changing world

The FIAAA represents suppliers of feed ingredients and additives in Australia.

The FIAAA actively advocates for the health of livestock and people, enabled by quality-assured, safe feed ingredients and additives.

Read more about the FIAAA and facing the challenges of sustainability.

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