Why did we form  FIAAA?

Concern for:

  • safety of animals and humans
  • the sustainability of Australia’s primary industries
  • risk of compromising international trade
  • safety and wellbeing of industry workers


  • to advocate and promote the safe use of feed ingredients
  • to co-operate with other stakeholders in the interest of the industry;
  • to adopt, support and carry into effect any measures in the interests of the industry, and to initiate moves for the alteration of, addition to, or improvement in legislation for the benefit of the feed ingredients & additives industry
  • to establish, manage and promote a Code Of Practice for use by Feed Ingredients & Additives Suppliers

$100M benefits to intensive livestock industry through changes to AgVet regulation

March 2015

FIAAA Executive Committee met with Minister Barnaby Joyce when he announced changes which provide improved access to feed ingredients and additives by simplifying regulations and cutting red tape.

Industry has estimated a potential benefit exceeding $100M to the intensive livestock industry.

The Feed Ingredients & Additives Association of Australia (FIAAA) welcomed the decision by the Australian Government to implement changes to the registration process for feed ingredients and additives.

These changes reflect the recognised safety of ingredients and additives and are anticipated to facilitate access to innovation and expand the range of ingredients and additives being made available to Australian livestock producers.

The changes also enabled contemporary and world leading regulatory process.

It has been seen as something of a model for future endeavours by other industries and market segments.

Effective March 5, 2015, feed ingredients and additives in Australia may no longer be required to undergo a registration process with the APVMA and will be considered as “excluded nutritional digestive product” if the product meets key criteria in 4 specific areas:


Under the changes products can be used if individually or collectively the ingredients are included on one of several international lists, claims can be substantiated, they are labelled appropriately and they are manufactured using an audited industry Quality System (eg GMP, FIAAA, FAMI-QS and GMP+). Read more here.

FIAAA members and its Executive team worked diligently with the Department of Agriculture and APVMA to implement changes that were obvious anomalies in outmoded regulations. The change followed extensive consultation with stakeholders especially including the feed industry (SFMCA), along with the Veterinary profession, the pet food industry and widespread consultation.

6 March 2015