Should you join FIAAA?

FIAAA members value:

  • Stewardship and safe feed.
  • Compliance with AgVet regulations.
  • Customer recognition of certification to the FIAAA Code of Practice.
  • Technical co-operation with other members and international associations.
  • Representation on matters of legislation.
  • Export and import facilitation.
  • A unified voice.

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Preferred suppliers of Safe Feed

A key undertaking of the Association is to advocate and promote the safe use of feed ingredients.

Membership can serve to demonstrate your company’s commitment to this cause.

FIAAA Certified members are readily accepted as meeting quality requirements of our stakeholders. The Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA) has confirmed that the FIAAA Code of Practice conforms with FeedSafe requirements.

SFMCA’s Raw Material Supplier Approval Guideline includes the specific recommendation for feed additive suppliers to be certified to the FIAAA COP.

Find out more about Certification to the Australian & New Zealand Code of Practice for Animal Feed Ingredient & Additive Suppliers.

Representing suppliers of feed ingredients and additives

The Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia (FIAAA) is the national peak industry organisation representing suppliers of feed ingredients and additives in Australia.

The FIAAA represents suppliers at all stages of production and supply to the feed manufacturing industry.

The FIAAA provides a unified voice and leadership. On behalf of members we work with governments, regulators and other stakeholders with similar recognition of the fundamental position of Feed Ingredients and Additives in the food chain.

The FIAAA undertakes to adopt, support and carry into effect any measures in the interests of the industry, and to initiate moves for the alteration of, addition to, or improvement in legislation for the benefit of the feed ingredients & additives industry

Meeting regulatory requirements

Feed Ingredients and Additives must meet a range of regulatory requirements. The requirements are not the same for all. Here are some examples:

  • Antibiotics and ionophores are veterinary medicines that need to be registered with the APVMA.  Vitamins and amino acids don’t need to be registered (if the claims are only nutritional) but require a permit from DAWR for importing. Excluded nutritional or digestive (END) products must comply with the AgVet Code. FIAAA members certified to our Code of Practice can meet this requirement.

Do your END products comply? Find out more here.

Importers of Feed Ingredients and Additives

Import conditions impact the Feed Ingredients and Additives industry. Prospective importers must apply through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) BICON system.

The BICON system has an important role to play in Australian biosecurity.

Delays or refusals to issue import permits impact the importer’s business, with flow on effects to stockfeed, pet food and human food production and further to domestic and export trade.

FIAAA actively engages with the DAWR to improve understanding of Feed Ingredients and Additives and so facilitate improvements in the BICON system.

From time to time FIAAA makes formal submissions to DAWR on behalf of members.

Read more here.

 Exporters of Feed Ingredients and Additives

Many Feed Ingredients and Additives are ‘non-prescribed goods’ (NPG) under Australian export legislation. 

If the destination country requires Government certification, DAWR can issue certificates. Some countries also need the company to be listed with the Government.

FIAAA has an arrangement with DAWR (a Letter of Exchange) to enable listing. Under the arrangement FIAAA can assist Certified Members with the Listing and auditing requirement.

Read more here.